Thursday, November 10, 2011

The First Snow

So the day we've been dreading since the snow from last winter finally melted away arrived today.  At points it was coming down pretty hard but fortunately it's been fairly warm so it didn't stick around.  It still made its presence known though.
One of the birch trees in front of work serves as the background for a snow squall.  You can't see it that well it this picture.
But you can see it pretty well in this picture.
Fall giving way to winter.  I only wish it would heed the words of one of my favorite songs..."To repay summer, they're closing winter down..."
The trees across the street had some snow sticking to them.  With the sun coming out, I thought it looked pretty neat.
Another view of those trees.

Nothing says winter like evergreens.

I don't mind winter so much when I just have to look at it.  I mind it a little more when I have to deal with it.  Fortunately, there wasn't enough snow to have to deal with it.

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