Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Downtown Disney

So I made it to Downtown Disney in Anaheim tonight.  It is a free shopping, entertainment and restaurant district created in 2001.  It is located by Disneyland.  It was actually kind of neat and free.  It makes it so I want to go to Disneyland one of these days.
This is one of the entrances to the area.
This is the tower of the Rainforest Cafe.
A surfboard at the ESPN place.
There was a Lego store there as well.  This was a pretty cool Woody made out of Legos.
And an Empire State Building.
This was a porcelain Mickey.
Another version of that.
This was outside one of the Disney stores.  I forget which one.
Just a shot of one of the sections.
One of the other Disney stores.  I kind of liked the looks of this one.
They had a couple of musicians.  This guy was pretty good.  For this shot, I used a slower shutter speed.
I think I like this shot a little better though.
This band was pretty good too.
A pretty much automatic response to a camera.
This guy was playing "Wish You Were Here" by Pink Floyd.
It's too early for a Christmas Tree but I kind of liked the look of this.

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