Monday, April 25, 2011


I decided to head East over the long weekend. Since I went to Gettysburg and Antietam last year, I headed down to Fredericksburg. Last year, I was going to stop at Fallingwater on the way back but it was closed when I got there and I didn't feel like waiting the extra couple hours for it to open. So I decided to stop there on the way out this year. I'd swear that it is always raining in that part of Pennsylvania as it was raining when I went there last year too.
I'm not sure what kind of plants these are, but they line the trail as you walk towards the house. The house itself is pretty well blended into the landscape.

It is a pretty cool looking house as you wander around the grounds (I didn't pay to go inside the house, so all my pictures are of the outside). There are parts of the house that are made of reinforced concrete because it is built right over a waterfall.

In 1934, the Kaufmann family, the owners of the Kaufmann Department stores around Pittsburg, were looking for a replacement for their vacation cabins. Their son studied architecture briefly under Wright and contacted him to design the cabin.

Wright visited the property and had a survey done. This lead to his design which was completed in 1935.

Parts of the house are a cantilevered design so that they could be right over the waterfall.

I'll have to admit it is a very neat looking house.

As I was walking around the grounds, I was pleased to see some trillium.

As I said earlier, it was raining so I got some nice drops on the leaves.
This is probably the most famous view of the house. You can see the waterfalls almost coming forth from it. You can also see how well the design blends into the landscape. It almost looks like it belongs there.
Another view of the house. Unfortunately, it was raining and my view kept fogging up, so many of pictures didn't turn out. The house at the time cost $155,000 which is roughly equivalent to $2.4 million these days.

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