Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Some Random Tug

So I looked on and saw that there would be a couple of ships coming down the Detroit River around the time I would be going home from work. Since I was up in Troy today, I decided to take the detour to Belle Isle and do a little bit of boatwatching. I didn't have too much time so I thought I would only get a chance for one. Which is the one below.
I don't have many details on this tug/barge combination except that it is carrying fuel of some sort and is heading to New York (I assume city). This is another tug/barge combination that doesn't look too bad.

I think it was parked in the Detroit River as I was taking this picture and I could swear that it was supposed to be heading downbound but this doesn't look very downbound to me.

A closeup of the tug.

Trying to get closer.

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