Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Some Birds and a Bird of a Different Sort

My last post of the evening is some pictures of some of the birds I saw around Belle Isle tonight. If you haven't figured it out by now, I like things that fly whether they are birds or planes. So anyways...
There are lots of seagulls that hang around Belle Isle but with a ready food source, can't say that I blame them. This particular seagull was gliding against the wind.

They didn't want to stick around for long though.

Another one gliding against the wind.

I'm not sure what kind of birds these were but I want to say they are possibly loons but I didn't think loons were this black.

Another shot of those birds.

And a Bird of a different sort. I don't get into business jets that much, so I'm not sure what kind of bird this is.

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Ben Connor Barrie said...

The unknown birds are cormorants. They are diving birds. Their bones are denser than most birds, which aids in their ability to dive. When they swim though, they are so dense that only their heads and necks float above the water, which makes it look like they are sea monsters.