Monday, April 11, 2011

The Lake Guardian

Next up is the Enivronmental Protection Agency's Lake Guardian Research Vessel. It is definately a different looking ship. I took this shot as the ship was coming in, I was trying to get a shot where I would have the Windmill Point Lighthouse (to the left) in the shot. Unfortunately, it was a little hazy on the lake, so the picture isn't the clearest. I do like the effect though, so I decided to post it. I think I like this shot a little better because you can see the lighthouse and one of the ships that was coming up next in the background (I think it is the Roger Blough but it may be the Lee Tregurtha). The ship was a little closer at this point. She is 180 feet long and can cruise at 11 knots. She has all sorts of research equipment on board for monitoring water quality and other things. It is amazing, for as long as it takes for the ship to approach, it doesn't take long for it pass by and I can't take pictures any longer. You can see a good chunk of the equipment on the back.

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