Monday, April 11, 2011

the William Livingstone Lighthouse Again

As I said, we decided to do our boatwatching at the end of Belle Isle, which meant we would pass the William Livingstone Lighthouse. It is a pretty cool looking lighthouse and I've posted it here before. Here is my history from before: William Livingstone served as the President of the Lake Carriers Association from 1909 to 1925. Under his leadership, many improvements were made to the safety of the lake ships including the introduction of steel hulls, radios and other things. When he died, a memorial was made to his honor and a lighthouse was selected. The lighthouse was built in 1929. The lighthouse was designed by Albert Kahn (you see his name sprinkled throughout this blog) and is made of marble. Up until the Tri-Centennial Light, it was the only lighthouse actually in the city of Detroit. It is the only lighthouse built of marble and the light can be seen for quite a way away. It is also only one of two in Michigan created as a memorial. It is a pretty cool looking structure in the Art Deco Style. There are nice little accents all over the tower.
I wanted to get some of the background in the picture. You can see this light for quite a ways apparently and is an active lighthouse. We saw the light on.
Getting a little closer to the lighthouse.
The woman signifies man conquering nature.
Looking up at the tower.
The memorial inscription on the other side of the tower.
Looking from the back.
Looking at the tower again. As I said, it is a pretty neat looking tower.

And this concluded my shipwatching from yesterday.

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